Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boudoir Session

(Sorry I couldn't think of a catchy blog title at the moment but figured the pictures might make up for that)

So I decided to go through with it and a couple weeks ago had the time of my life. Laura from Pennace Photography was amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable that I didn't even need an ounce of alcohol to get me relaxed like I thought.

My amazing co-worker did my makeup and made me look like rockstar on the cover of Maxim. Here are a few sneak peeks.

Yes that is Twilight that I am reading, don't judge. LOL It matched my big sexy red heels!

One of my favorite pictures from the shoot!

Amazing shot

She took over 650 photos in an hour and half and there were just so many great shots it was hard to only choose 40! This was well worth the money and I am so thrilled that I have these photos for the rest of my life because one day I am going to look at them and be like "Damnnnn, Grandma was hot back in the day!" LOL jk.

I received the "Little Black Book" the other day and I cannot wait to give it to him this weekend before his bachelor party. I'm hoping to tape his reaction on my phone since it's going to be a good one! I will keep you posted on this for sure!

*all photos courtesy of Pennace Photography


  1. DAyum girl. Good for you! I don't have the guts to do it - I wish I did. Also your makeup does look amazing - is she doing it for your wedding too?

  2. thanks! I wish she was doing my makeup for the wedding but since I'm doing getting married in the caribbean that would be one expensive makeup job if I flew her down LOL

  3. Hello I just stumbled across you blog and the timing could not have been more perfect. I am doing a boudoir photo session tomorrow as a surprise for my husband's birthday. I am so happy yours turned out so well.

    Good luck with the wedding!!!

  4. I just love that last photo of you. It's sexy and hot. Oh and don't worry, I also read Twilight!

  5. nice! wish I could get some photos like this from the future miss! saw on weddingbee that you guys were planning a few days at oktoberfest for your honeymoon. Did you end up going? We're looking into it for next year. Wanted to see if you had any advice.

    Drew and Margie
    getlostonpurpose @ gmail

  6. I've always wanted to do boudoir shots for my husband! These shots turned out great :-)

    P.S. I love the name of your blog, so cute!

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