Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here comes the bride...

Like most women we dream about our wedding day from a young age. Everything from the dress, the venue, flowers and music. Music? Yes. Ever since I was little I was not fond of the traditional "Here comes the bride" processional music. It screams "LOOK AT ME" and it just didn't captivate my heart from the start.

My sister got married in 2005 and I was extremely happy she chose Canon in D by Pachelbel for the bridesmaid procession. Although kind of cliche its still my all-time favorite!

This is my family at my sisters wedding in 2005. I loved our BM dresses too although it's hard to tell.

When we started planning the wedding I just knew that I still wanted to walk down the aisle to Canon in D. This song makes my heart melt and honestly tear up a bit thinking about this amazing day to come. If a song does that to you then you KNOW you picked the right song.

The song is long enough for both my sisters to walk down to as well as me. The resort has a staff member coordinate the music for the ceremony but I would like to keep it as simple as possible just in case to avoid any confusion. Can you tell I'm a worry wart???

Anybody else hopping on the Canon in D bandwagon as well? What will you be walking down the aisle too?

Love & Marriage

I love my Ipod. I NEED my Ipod in order to keep my sanity on the train ride into work. Most people read the newspaper and I just sit back and listen to music to start my day. I had it on shuffle and one of my favorite comedians, Jeff Dunham, came on and his skit was entitled "Love and Marriage". For those that don't know of Jeff Dunham you are missing out! He is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian who has also appeared on numerous television shows. This guy has a gift. One of his characters is named Walter who is a grumpy old man. I'll let you see for yourself. I thought this would be a nice change of pace and make you laugh. :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I think i'm in love...

As I stare out the window and see the dark gray clouds and pouring rain hit the building; I really wish our wedding day would come sooner. This Style Me Pretty blog entry has captivated me in a such a way that I've fallen in love again. Everything about this wedding is what I envision on our special day.
Love the fresh flowers floating in a tall vase. Reminds me of Miss Nachos centerpieces. Although in this picture I would have put more water in the vase so they didn't stick out.

I really truly love the color blue and these would be such a great addition to our private reception. Oriental Trading is going to a happy seller after I get done with them!

Love the starfish look but I think the FI isn't that big of a fan since he nixed an invite I had in mind way back with a starfish look. I love how simple but elegant this looks.

LOVE the color combo. I'm a huge fan of navy and light blue.
*All photos courtesy of Click Photo

I just love how a few pictures can brighten my day regardless of this nasty cold weather. It makes me even more excited to have a destination wedding and never regret my decision. It's all coming together and that's such a great feeling!

Ever have one of those days where you're not motivated to do anything wedding related but something sparks you inside and makes all the difference? You remember that it's all worth it in the end.

Monday, March 29, 2010

He's Bringing Sexy Back!

Time to talk about the men for once. My FI has been trying to figure out what to wear for our wedding for quite some time. For men in America, the tuxedo has been the most traditional wedding garb for a long time. The black single breasted, single button tux, with the white shirt that has a stiff collar and black bow tie, sharply cut lapels, cuff links, cummerbund, black shiny stripes on the pants, and black patent leather shoes, is how most people view how males are supposed to dress for their big day.


For us though this style really isn't what we are looking for on our big day. Wearing a tuxedo in 95 degree weather with massive humidity would be torture for him. We're not looking to go super formal so I scoured several hundred destination wedding photos and came across the vest look. I showed my FI and he thought the same idea too! I checked J.Crew out and honestly drooled over this look!

Yummy! (source)

I can just see him now as I walk down the aisle with that bright big smile on his face looking all sexy! Oh! Sorry back to my point. Other grooms have gone with the cotton white shirt and linens pant look but that's just a little too casual for me. I nixed that idea even before we were officially engaged and luckily he agreed quickly after.


Is your FI planning on wearing the traditional tuxedo or will he opt for something more suit like?

Fitting Party

This past weekend I went to a "fitting party" for my friends wedding in August. Yeah. It's going to be a crazy summer between my wedding and participating in her wedding and events. Anywho, she had a wine and cheese party this past weekend as a chance for the bridesmaids to get together, chat, and discuss dress options for the party. I thought this was a great idea and I would totally do this myself but my wedding party consists of just my sisters.

The bride has chosen the color clover from David's Bridal and has given us freedom to choose whatever dress we like. Cool beans! So we all hovered around the laptop and checked out all the dress options available and wrote down our favorites so that she could call it in to the store and make sure they had them available for us. Not a bad idea!

David's Bridal

I'm kind of leaning towards this dress although my butt better get in gear if I want to show off the lady legs. :)

Here's the bridal party minus one bridesmaid who lives in D.C. We had such a great time and it was so easy to get along with everyone. We we're already making plans to get in trouble the day of her wedding! LOL I felt so bad for the MOH who is extremely pregnant and ready to pop. She was such a great sport though.

Me and the Bride-to-be!

*all photos are from my personal camera

Friday, March 26, 2010

Out with the old...and in with the new!

See this picture here? Yeah, not going to happen at my wedding. Not only do I not have enough 'single' ladies to do it but I honestly never liked the tradition. Who came up with this idea anyways?

Well I researched and found out the history behind the bouquet toss:

"Believe it or not, the bridal bouquet toss celebration goes back to fourteenth century France where it was believed that a bride was especially lucky on her wedding day. Guests would rush towards the bride at the end of the ceremony in hopes of tearing off a piece of her dress to take home for their own good fortune. This often ended in a scuffle dangerous for the bride (and guests). For a brief time, in an effort to fend off the wild attacks, the bride would throw her stockings (or garter) until brides began to rebel against this undignified practice. Brides instead switched to throwing the bouquet and that tradition has remained in place.

Today it is still considered lucky to catch the bridal toss bouquet and the event is usually performed to a unique bouquet toss song. It is said that the lucky recipient will be the next to marry. If you are leery of performing the bouquet toss at your own ceremony, consider some great modern alternatives to that traditional bouquet toss. Make a presentation of the bridal toss bouquet to a dear friend instead of tossing it. Or, a great twist is to look inwards at the fortune you've found by presenting the tossing bouquet and tossing garter to a cherished, wedded couple whom inspired you both to become newlyweds."

-Article from here

Can you believe they would rip the brides dress?? Hellll no. That's just crazy! My FI and I are completely on the same page and will not be carrying on the tradition of the bouquet toss nor the garter belt. I am not comfortable having him pry off my garter belt in front of our guests because I know he would do something stupid and embarrass me! HA HA!

What tradition are you excluding from your wedding? If any.

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday Ladies!! Another week closer to our weddings! I met up with a couple of NYC Weddingbee's last night for a couple cocktails and some yummy tapas at Le Fonda del Sol. It was great to get out and be able to talk everything and anything about weddings. Although it low turnout (only 3 of us) it was still great to pick their brains about ideas and also show them my invitations.

Wait, you got your invitations??? Yes! A lovely UPS man delivered them yesterday and I'll show you a sneak peak.

OK I know my camera phone sucks but it's the best I could do for right now. Not sure if you can tell but the actual invites didn't come attached to the pocketfold like the sample I ordered. Boo! So that means I'll be attaching them myself. ::sigh::

I couldn't be more happier with the invitations and the gold font turned out to be a great choice after all! I PROMISE I'll have pictures soon but for now this will have to hold you over. :)

Any fun plans for the weekend?? I am in a wedding a month prior to ours and have a "fitting party" tomorrow and I'm excited yet also nervous to get measured since I'm not exactly the size I want to be right now! ::biting my nails:: Wish me luck!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gotta love Freebies!

Like many people, I use a website to order photos and pick them up at the local CVS or Walgreen's. It's so easy and convenient than how it used to be! I've been using for 4 years now and can't complain.

I received an e-mail the other day letting me know that I have been given a free 11x14 poster print ($6.99 value) for being a "valued customer". Heck Yay!! I instantly starting thinking of which picture to use from our e-pic session and the Brooklyn Bridge skyline was definitely going to be winner.

I ordered the print on 3/22 and the next day I got an e-mail confirmation that my order has been shipped. Already?? Ohhh dang.

Today, March 25th, I received my poster print in the mail! The receptionist up front told me I had a round tube waiting for me. I literally ran from my desk all the way down the hallway to receive it. I happen to be wearing really HIGH heels today so I looked really funny and got a comment or two from co-workers.
Not exactly running shoes :)
I couldn't wait to rip it open!
Ahhh, so perfect! I know this picture doesn't do it justice but it came out beautifully regardless of the website warning "too low resolution pic". I was scared but my photographer reassured me that it definitely had a high resolution and should be fine. He was right, why would I doubt him?! I can't wait to go to Christmas Tree Shop or Michael's to find the perfect frame!

Don't you just love freebies!?! At a time like this when we save every single penny that we can for this one special day, it's nice to get a surprise along the way that doesn't cost you anything. :-) Have you received any freebies along the way?

*all photos are from my personal camera

Just Throw It In The Bag!

Out of Town bags that is! Even before I was engaged I had been thinking of ideas of what to put in my Out of Town (OOT) bags for our guests when they arrive at the resort. More importantly though I've been trying to find the perfect tote for our guests.

Love L.L. Bean!

I want our guests to be able to reuse the bags after as well and not just throw them away. I wanted to find a bag that would work well for every kind of situation including the beach. I envisioned our guests opening their bags upon arrival to their room and being so thrilled with not only the contents inside but also the fact they can use it as a beach bag for the week!

Only downfall right now is that the smallest L.L. Bean bag is $17.95. That's not exactly cheap. I've stalked the Internet and found a couple options but nothing captivates me like L.L. Bean. I'm willing to compromise though.

Option 1: Floral Hibiscus totes from Oriental Trading. Which are $9.99 per dozen. Now that's the kind of price I'm talkin' about! Although not a fan of the pattern.

Option 2: Tan's Club makes this white and black polyester tote bag for $3.00 each. The picture doesn't give me much detail and the color is bland but the price is nice!

Option 3: Vista Print offers this cute tote that you can personalize and even add your own image if you want. Also the more you buy the more you save! These totes would cost $5.50 each if I ordered 20. This tote is a close second behind the L.L. Bean one.

Which one is your favorite? Think I should splurge or choose an alternative?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paper Goods: The Final Frontier

I am happy to report that our invitations have been ordered and they should arrive any day now! Yay!!!! Such a relief to know that this part is half way done. Wait, only half way done? Oh right, I still need to send these bad boys out yet. Bummer! Oh well, for now I'm dancing in my seat with excitement while I wait for them to arrive!!!

I received the proofs the other day and wanted to show them off to you. I worked with my boss;who is an avid party planner herself, to proof the document and make sure the wording is suitable and flows evenly throughout.

We decided to shorten the home reception (HR) info at the bottom of the invite to say "The Celebration continue Saturday, September 25th..." instead of "For those unable to attend our wedding please join us celebrate our marriage Saturday, September 25th...." And I'm happy with the changes.

I was really happy to have a second, third, and fourth pair of eyes proof my wedding invitation because I'm not one to catch a mistake all the time and could just see myself spelling something wrong!
Ever watch WETV Bridezillas? I tend to switch the channel when it comes on because I can't stand these crazy brides but one day I was preoccupied with something else and just let the program run. I watched a bride spell her own name wrong on the invites even after she approved the proof. She went nuts! I laughed of course but that was exactly why I had a couple people proof my invite prior.
I cannot wait to share with you the final product...FINALLY! Oh wait, we still need to make our own accommodation and direction cards still. Stay tuned!

To Veil or Not to Unveil....that is the question!


Ever since I was a little girl I always envisioned a big Cinderella wedding. The beautiful ball gown, long flowing veil playing in the wind, and a handsome prince. And well I'm CLEARLY not having a traditional wedding so I'm not sure if I'll be having a long flowing veil after all.

This subject has been bugging me for a while and I hear it from my mother constantly about what kind of veil I should have. To be honest, I would just love a hair flower or a jeweled accessory in my hair and call it a day!

Although I've fallen in love with the birdcage veil after seeing it on Mrs. Sea Breeze blog but I'm not sure I can pull it off like she did. I feel like only certain people can work that type of veil.

Photo by Michael Steingard (source)

Also one concern of mine is that the veil might take away or hide the beautiful open back of my dress. I would hate for it to hide behind a veil when I look at pictures although I have thought about wearing it for the ceremony and few pictures after but who knows.

Veils are absolutely gorgeous but I can't justify spending $200-300 on it! Especially if I decide to wear it for only an hour. Etsy has some great crafty sellers so that could be an option.

I love her hair too. I wonder if I can recreate that look the day of?!


I found these crystal starfish hair pins a couple of months ago and I really have fallen in love with them. It fits with the theme plus it's sparkly! What do you think?

Would you opt for just a hair flower or jeweled accessory? Or take the chance of wearing a veil and covering up the back?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You're going to trash what???

An extremely popular trend among destination weddings is the Trash The Dress (TTD) pictures taken a day or two after the wedding.

On the wedding day the bride is always so careful not to get her dress dirty. Once the wedding is over with then what do you do with the dress? You can preserve it, but I don't know many that do. Some put their dress on eBay or craigslist! But wait! Why not be photographed in the dress some more and have some fun with it? To me it means more "cool" photos that's thinking outside the box.
Our photographer also shot Mrs. Sea Breeze's wedding and TTD session and that's when I fell in love with the idea. Here are some more photos from our amazing photographer:

I just love the color of the sky in this picture.

A little salt water won't hurt ;-)

Beautiful (source)

Many destination brides have said that their wedding gowns have come out CLEANER after taking pictures in the ocean. Can you believe that? My one and only concern is the risk of possibly ruining my dress. I spent more money than I had imagined on my dress and I would hate to see it ruined.

Will you be preserving your dress after the big day? Possibly selling it on Ebay or Craigslist?

Bridal Fun Fact: Origin of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"

I want to change things up a bit and give a fun fact as well as a little history on the original role of a bridesmaid.

Fun Fact: The phrase "Often a bridesmaid, but never a bride," actually originates from an advertisement for Listerine mouthwash from 1924.

Pity the poor bridesmaid, who has always played second fiddle to the blushing bride, in the beginning for her safety, and later, because she had halitosis.

Halitosis??? Yes people, bad breath!

The origin of the role of bridesmaid goes back several centuries, when friends of the bride would dress the same as she had, in order to confuse any evil spirits lurking in the vicinity, ready to snatch the bride away from her intended. Over time, the role changed to one of "support" from her friends and family members. And of course, a chance for everyone to point and say "but she still isn't married." Then two creative minds decided to capitalize on the role that has come to traditionally mean second place, second best, not quite up to snuff, etc.

In the mid 1920s, two advertising executives, Gordon Seagrove and Milton Feasley, were hired by the makers of Listerine to delicately present the subject of bad breath to the public. They created an ad campaign centered on the fear of halitosis in a social situation, the most popular being a commercial depicting "Edna", who approaching her 30th birthday, was still single, due to bad breath. She was, they said, "always a bridesmaid and never a bride."

While they popularized the phrase, they did not create it. It was either inspired by, or subconsciously taken from a Victorian music hall tune called Why Am I Always A Bridesmaid? by Fred W. Leigh. As the lyrics go: Why am I always a bridesmaid, Never the blushing bride? Ding! Dong! Wedding bells Always ring for other gals.

*Article found at Bridesmaid Revisited

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother May I?


Like many brides, I want to lose a few pounds so that my dress fits perfectly. And I'll be admit I've been lazy jump starting this lifestyle change. I absolute LOVE food. Ever since I was little I would snack all the time; even 15 minutes after I ate dinner you would find me in the snack drawer. I get it from my father sides unfortunately.

Especially at home when I'm bored, that's the worst time!

I am a connoisseur of Swedish Fish. I love them and they love me. I eat them and they melt in my mouth and swim in my belly. The only problem with them is that they come in eight ounce, single serving packs. The bag might suggest that there are five servings inside, but once the bag is opened, it is too hard to avoid the red, succulent sweetness inside and soon the pack is empty.

I found the solution to my calorie engorging issue… Swedish Fish 100 Calorie Packs. Five one-hundred calorie packs per box! I could eat the sweet fish with a measure of control! I was delighted.

*personal photo*

I whipped one of these packages out this past weekend when I was dress shopping for my mothers gown, and I heard her say, "that's not going to help you lose weight."

Me: But they're 100 calorie packs!

Mom: I know but they have lots of sugar still. Remember the word diet?

Me: Yes (rolling my eyes behind her back)

Regardless of her comments, these 100 calorie packs are a great solution to watching what you eat but also enjoying a yummy treat! I know she means well but its still annoying to hear her comments over and over again.

Anyone else have a nagging mother who is obsessed with talking about eating healthy or diets?? Vent with me if you can!

Dressing Up: The Family Edition

Since my Mother was in town this past weekend for the baby shower we took the opportunity to go dress shopping for her and also try on some bridesmaid dresses. I was extremely excited since my mother has been bugging me since Christmas with ideas on what she should wear for the big day.

We headed out around Watertown, CT where they had about 4 stores in a row with formal wear. The first store had prom wear. The second has prom wear. I know I've been out of the loop with prom trends for 10 years but when did dresses get so risky and flashy!???

Prom 2010

So after visiting 4 stores all with the same results we decided to head to a reliable source where my sister got her wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, Occasions Bridal in Bethel, CT. We walked in and were instantly greeted by the sales lady working. It was a quiet afternoon which was perfect because we had one-on-one attention with her. And honestly the lady knew exactly what my mother was looking for when she described the dress.

My mother came out of the dress room in a beautiful strapless chiffon flowing dress. I got my camera ready and then I heard, "Sorry Miss, no cameras allowed." Whhhhhhaaat?? How am I suppose to document all this for my blog?! ::sigh::

My mother loved the dress and so did I and we were sold on it. It came in over 20 colors and we decided to go with a turquoise color since it would compliment her Floridian skin and also fit in with the Caribbean feel. I'm super excited for her dress to come in so I can take a picture.

So unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my mothers dress since it's a private label and not available online. I also don't have any pictures of the BM dresses I tried on after. Boo!!

Bill Levkoff

So I told the lady what I'm looking for by After Six. We scoured the racks and I couldn't find the dress I wanted. Go figure! So I tried on this green Bill Levkoff dress that was very similar to the one I liked. It fit perfectly but I wasn't a fan of the top v-neck portion.

Honestly this picture does this dress NO justice whatsoever. I tried this dress on and it fit like a glove. Soft and light chiffon material with a tie in the back. Although I hated the color I just loved the way it fit my curvy figure. Although it doesn't give you many colors to choose from and the price tag was too high for my liking. Bummer!

After Six

So I decided to just stick with the original plan and get the After Six dress we all agreed upon earlier. Although the material is taffeta which can come off wrinkly, I still like the style and can compromise with that fact.

Did you have to try on BM dresses for your wedding since your wedding party wasn't available? Did you find it to be fun and useful?

Inspired By A Baby Shower

This past weekend I attend my sisters baby shower and it was a huge success! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and a high of 72! I dusted off the flip flops and let my toes enjoy the fresh air. It was such a great feeling!

I got inspired though when I saw my Mom knitted a decoration to put with the flowers. Little outfits with booties hanging from a clothes line. It was absolutely adorable and I wanted the same thing! Well except wedding themed. I figured that would adorable for the bridal shower in August!

The picture got cut off but the top of the sticks are pink hearts which are adorable. Isn't this just so cute?!?!

Family picture time! My mother, my oldest sister, me, and my middle sister. Both my sisters are my MOH's.

It's funny how a baby shower can inspire me! I wasn't expecting it but I'm so thrilled.

Have you ever been inspired by an extremely unexpected situation or place?

*Pictures are from my personal camera

Twilight Saga


If you're like me and LOVE the Twilight series than you will love this post. Or maybe not.

I discovered this past weekend that I have a real-life Jacob in my life. Although this was not unexpected it still was quite a shocker to me. If you don't follow Twilight than you might not understand this post and I'm sorry.

I received an e-mail this past weekend from my a good guy friend of mine who I've known since college. We never dated but we hung out a lot and we we're "friends" on and off through college. I realized that we could be nothing more than friends once college ended because I just didn't have that connection with him. I loved him but only as a friend. I knew he felt otherwise but respected my decision. We've been good friends ever since and he's always been there for me whenever I needed advice and never judged. He lives in Rhode Island and we see each other maybe once a year.
OK, what's the point Kristen?!

Sorry, back to my story about the e-mail. Well I received an e-mail this weekend from him and he stated that he can no longer come to my wedding because he "can't just stand there and watch me marry someone else." He also stated to "not try and sway his decision any other way and that this was final."


I was very upset and hurt and angry at first. I wanted to kick the crap out of him! Then I took a step back and thought about his feelings and I stopped myself from going Bridezilla on him. I felt bad and wished he didn't feel that way. Then I realized that being friends just doesn't help the situation and that I have to put my feelings aside and do the right thing and walk away. If he hasn't moved on after 6 years than the problem all along was being friends. Although in the movie they are still friends I cannot continue to hurt someone.

This isn't exactly what I would like to deal with right now but such is life! It's a hard decision but honestly I am moving forward in my life and I don't need anything trying to get in the way of that. I want to be selfish but I can't. All of this isn't worth fighting over anyways because I have an amazing fiance who means more than anything in the world.

What's weird is that I was watching New Moon on blu ray when I got the e-mail. How coincidental is that???

Have you ever had a similar situation during wedding planning? Someone's true feelings comes out and all you can do is feel bad but do what's right?!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I absolutely love the little things in life that make my day. That unexpected moment or surprise that puts the biggest smile on your face, you know what I'm talking about?!

*my own creation*

Here I am sitting at work and I had to input the date into a excel sheet and BAM! 'It's March 18th??" Yay!! I do a little dance in my seat and the biggest smile knowing that I'm a month closer to marrying the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate. I might sound cheesy but it's so true. Plus spring is approaching and the weather in NYC has been so refreshing and makes the day brighter.

I just want it to be September already!! Every day my FI and I text or comment to each other how excited we are for this special day to arrive.

Don't you just love the wedding countdown? Has the months leading up to the big day go by fast for you or drag on?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Paper Goods: You coming or what?!

So how does one word an RSVP when she has two different receptions??? Since we finally decided on which invites to purchase; we now had to figure out how the heck to word them.

Most RSVP cards look like this:

(and maybe a entree option, source)

I wish it was that easy but it's not. So I played around for a while and came up with this:
Sorry it's a tad blurry! It just looked like it had way too much information and clutter PLUS I spelled home wrong. So it was back to square one. Thanks to my Mom though she came up with this simplified version:

Bing, Bang, BOOM! Done. Completely made me feel more relaxed knowing that it was settled. I literally spent weeks trying to come up with how to make it look nice but most importantly understandable, and my Mom solves the problem in two seconds. Duh Kristen!

Have you obsessed over the wording of your invites for days on end and find no resolution?

No Fun Registry Trip

It was a random Sunday in February that I thought would be perfect to register for our bridal gifts. Or so I thought! When you think of wedding registries you think of you and your FI with a scanning gun running around the store picking out the gifts you want. Right? Wrong!
I knew my FI wasn't too keen on spending his only day to relax in a store deciding on flatware and crystal but I told him it would only take an hour and we would be on our way. Again, I was wrong. OK so little did I know it would take longer but NOT 2 1/2 hours! Dang!

We arrived at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was greeted by an extremely friendly customer service rep who sat us down and collected our information. Great, now give me the scan gun! ::sigh::

Once we filled out our information we looked through a binder full of china. I originally thought we would register elsewhere for our china and crystal since I didn't expect them to have much. I was wrong yet again. So we picked out our china and then it was on to crystal which happens to be one of my Fiance's favorite things. Don't ask me why but he got this love of crystal from his mother and I wasn't going to get in the way of his decision. HA HA! Then it was on to the binder of flatware. Ugh. OK I really don't care but I just chose the matching set to our china.

OK now can I have the scan gun???

Nope. Instead our sales guy walked around with us and described EVERYTHING in sight and tried to sell us it. I completely understand but we mentioned numerous times that we already have a lot of kitchen stuff and know what we are looking for.
Funny story about the crock pot. We have wanted to get one for about two years now and just kept pushing it off and eventually started saying, "we'll just put it on our registry." How weird is that? I don't know if we were too lazy or just didn't have an immediate need for it but we never just bought it.
I've been waiting for this wedding to finally be able to get a Kitchen Aid mixer! It was the one item on the registry that I was super excited to scan! We chose the silver one since it's more neutral and we don't have a home yet so it will go with everything. Although I loved the red.
These pots and pans are the most expensive thing on our registry thanks to the FI. He is the cook in the family and once the sales guy mentioned the quality and features he was sold. I, on the other hand, could care less about this.

Another item we've wanted to get for a while is a griddle since we have a tiny apartment and we have no where to fit his grill at our place. And yet again we are waiting until now to get.

After our engagement party we realized that having a 40 cup coffee maker is essential when hosting large parties. My parents had one and so did his, and actually they were almost identical 1970's yellowish green urns.

Although our sales guy was extremely knowledgeable and helped us decide on our pots and pans we didn't need an explanation for everything. I know how a toaster works and we already have one pal!

Oh and did I mention we NEVER got to scan anything. =( He scanned it for us. Boo! The whole point is to have fun and scan stuff, right?

So long story short but we didn't have the best registry experience that we were hoping for and by the time we got to the bedding section we decided to call it quits and would go online to add anything we needed.
Am I the only one who didn't get to use a scan gun? How was your experience registering? Did you wait until your registry to purchase items you've wanted for a while as well?
*all pictures are from Bed, Bath and Beyond