Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sticker Shock!

So the invitations were done and ready to labeled and stamped. I was extremely excited! I went to the post office with one invitation so they could weigh it and tell me which stamps to buy. Honestly, I almost just bought the wedding themed .60 stamps since I figured that's what it would be anyways but I'm glad I didn't.

All excited I walked up to the counter and mentioned I need 120 stamps for my wedding invitations and handed him the invite. He smiled and then explained that the envelope is larger and would cost more. I smiled like I was expecting that answer until he said, "it will cost $1.05 each to mail."


I started to do the math and my excitement disappeared. $126 it would cost me to mail all my invitations out. Bummer.

I mean its not a total surprise since I knew they would cost more since I do have a lot crammed into the envelope but I wasn't expecting it to be over a dollar!

So instead of lovely wedding themed stamps I was stuck with these:


Not a fan of the Zeus like stamp but the American Toleware one is cute.
So for those of you out there that haven't bought invitations yet and are considering pocketfold or irregular looking envelopes be aware!! Anyone else experience the sticker shock of stamps with their invitations??


  1. Geez thx for the heads up! We haven't reached that stage yet and have a lot of international invites to send too. Oh well...

  2. i made some cute stamps on - thought they were awesome til i got the bill... but they were worth it!!

    PS - i'm also from CT and a big yankee fan, trying to bring my new england theme in to our wedding - good luck in all of your planning!